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Tumblr-ing my old latte art favourites

Tumblr-ing my old latte art favourites

Cold drip up and running, now just to wait 8 more hours…

Cold drip up and running, now just to wait 8 more hours…

Last Coffee for King St.

Last Coffee for King St.



murder by MoMA

so whilst in NYC (post MET exhibition BLISS),  i opted to check out the museum of modern art or ‘MoMA’ to those in the know. 

now i’m probably setting myself up to be forever considered as ‘uncultured swine’, and i’m sure this would be one of the top ten HiPsTeR no-no’s, but i’m just going to put it out there and say “modern art; i heaps don’t get it”.

i can appreciate the odd pop art monochromatic print, a smutty photographic display, corner-less chairs with unfathomable balance, and if there is recognisable talent on canvas i will be open eyed and minded. but what i took away from my visit was the un-suppressible feeling that i had just inadvertently witnessed the decline of society.


- call something expressionist and you can justify most any crap.

- the only phrases necessary to disguise your art ‘ignorance’, are; “this is a very important piece”, “it’s very confronting” and maybe “i saw this on tumblr”.

- hysterical laughter is not an appropriate response to ‘art’, and sitting on ‘art’ because it is in the middle of a room and is barely distinguishable from the ‘not art’ seating is very UN-ART.

- be wary. art is everywhere. you might think your walking into the restrooms, but your actually walking into a RESTROOM INSTALLATION, titled ‘Womens’ ( donated by the artist ).

- don’t expect the title to provide explanation eg. the blue canvas titled ‘blue’, the stick wrapped in wool titled ‘wooly stick’, and my personal favourite ‘untitled’.

i’m sure with a degree in appreciation of the arts under my belt, i would have gentler opinions on the pieces that boiled my blood in frustration. or perhaps my lack of education is crippling me from understanding an artform that is so obnoxiously inaccessible to any lateral thinking civilian.

in any case, i enjoyed my MoMA experience overall. i was enlightened to start finding art in everyday life, like in fire hydrants and in packaging. i also got a satisfying work out (abdominally) from restraining my emotional reflexes (laughter, up-chuck) to the art. 

so on that note i will leave you with some of my favourite pieces and a reminder that in some cases, this one especially… IGNORANCE IS BLISS!


So it’s common knowledge amongst the people who surround me, that i appreciate the crapper things in life. The basis of the majority of my friendships being a tolerance for this. If it’s painfully terrible then i’m likely to be into it.  

Here is Five of the Finest;

1. Gore & Horror films. Nothing quality obviously. Anything from the 80’s and earlier will usually suffice, or else low budget bloodbath specials, zombie spectaculars etc etc. Nothing that tangents into SCI-FI either… shit is lammeeeee.

2. Tomato sauce sandwiches. butter negotiable.

3. Pop Punk at high volume. The only way i can survive the long drives home is by blasting some super cheesey, happy-go-lucky, “i’m 25 going on 15”, goodness. Sometimes it’s artists of the socially acceptable variety of course… sometimes it’s Simple Plan.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6. …and all the the surrounding seasons of 1-7.

5. Black People.

JUST TRICKING. but that segue’s into the real number five which is …

5. Obnoxious humour. Dad jokes, bodily functions, and puns exhausted to the point of awkwardness. Upon reflection that is probably the real deal sealer with comrades; eagerness to laugh at the taboo and mundane. And i’ll finish this piece with a link to a friends blog for reference material…